I want to thank everyone for the feedback on my first blog. A few of you have agreed with what I said, while others have not. I have taken all of the comments on it and the arguments to my points, and would like to apologise. My intentions with the post were not to forget about a person who commits suicide. By any means. And they were not to say do not share their stroy, in fact I am sure I said to do that. But I must admit, I was wrong in saying not to celebrate them. I believe I have a certain point of view on the situation and let that effect me far too much. But my intention with the blog was to encourage to love. In future, I will be much more clear and plan my writing better.

In thinking about my blog, and the comments people made about I also decided to look at the whole concept of suicide. I have never been in support of it. Someone who was once very close to me was a supporter. To this person, it wasn’t just an option it was the option. I could never understand that. And as you could probably tell in my last post, only focus on the negative impact on the people around them. We miss them, we mourn, we remember. I said I hated my friends who have committed suicide. That isn’t true. I don’t  hate them and don’t think I ever could. What made me really consider suicide (for a blog post, not for myself) today was an episode of Star Trek Voyager. In this episode, a member of an immortal, omnipotent race Q, named Q (Quinn), broke free from a prison he was being kept in by his race to stop him from trying to commit suicide.

The episode centres around a court case, where Captain Janeway needs to decide whether to side with Q (Quinn) or Q (yeah, they’re all named Q) who was trying to get him imprisoned again for his own good and for the good of his race. Whilst watching I was reminded of the person I was close to. Who has been institutionalised by a system who don’t actually help, or necessarily even want to help. Quinn so desperatly wanted to end his life- albeit for different reasons than the person I was close to- and was accused of being mentally unstable and imprisoned for eternity for it, never to be released unless he conformed to their ways. Now, as you can imagine this was a terribly tough decision for someone with such a strong moral core like Janeway. Do I let this man end his life, or send him to eternal imprisonment which really isn’t that better? At the end of the episode, she says this.

“I’ve tried to find some way to reconcile all the conflicting emotions I’ve felt during this hearing. My own aversion to suicide, my compassion for your situation, Q. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve tried to tell myself that this is not about suicide, but about granting asylum. That I am not personally being asked to perform euthanasia. And as technically true as that may be, I cannot escape the moral implications of my choices. I’ve also had to consider that a decision to grant asylum, and the subsequent suicide of a Q, might have a significant impact on the Continuum. That such a decision could change the nature of an entire society, whether it be a favourable or unfavourable change, disturbs me greatly. But then there are the rights of the individual in this matter. I don’t believe that you are mentally unbalanced. And I do believe that you are suffering intolerably. Under these conditions, I find it impossible to support immortality forced on an individual by the state. The unforeseen disruption that may occur in the Continuum is not enough, in my opinion, to justify any additional suffering by this individual. So, I hereby grant you asylum.” – Captain Katherine Janeway

It really made me reconsider many things in regards to suicide, a persons own right to euthanize themselves. Specifically since I support the right to euthanize someone else if they are old, sick, severely injured or extremely poor condition of life So why is it any different for people who choose it themselves? It might impact those around them negatively, but what right do I have insaying they are wrong in doing so.

I am not sure if I have changed my views entirely, but I am definitely going to research and think on it as much as I possibly can. Again, I apologise to those I offended with my last blog.


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