Last year, at age 63, a great man committed suicide. I don’t have to say his name, because ever since his death, the world has had an appreciation for his acting they never had before. Robin williams suffered from severe depression, and as many people have said since then devoted his life to bringing joy and laughter to us despite his own internal problems.

I am one of many people in the world who battles depression. I also suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). The battle has been long and hard already- but unlike a lot of people suffering with the same illnesses, I have never contemplated suicide. I am a rarity my psych tells me. The truth is, as afraid of life as I am, I fear death even more.

I think life is a beautiful thing, a gift. People ask me how I can believe that with the suffering I have endured; and I can only tell them I don’t know. I have no answer to why people suffer, why bad things happen to good people or why good things happen to bad people. I never will. Life just is, and I like it, even if I am afraid of it.

For me the choice between life and death is a simple one. But for many, many others, it is not. I have lost friends to suicide. And I miss them very much, but more than that I hate them. Suicide is never an answer. It is selfish and does not accomplish anything for anyone. To these people, they honestly believe that the world will be better of without them. Many people commit suicide not because of their pain alone but the pain they believe they are causing those around them.

Now I realise many of you won’t agree with what I am saying. “How can you be so heartless?” I assure you I am not. For a long time, I self destructed through alcohol and smoking. Because it was the slowest way I knew of harming myself. Like I said, I like life. And during that time I lost a big part of myself, one of my few good personality traits; my empathy. Recently however I have regained that passion for people that I have lost. And yet I say this still. If a person commits suicide DO NOT CELEBRATE THEM. Mourn them. Miss them. Tell people their story. And yes, be glad they battled as long as they did. Celebrating the life and death of a suicidee feeds the minds of the mentally ill. Let me explain.

Robin Williams was a moderately loved man. And towards the end of his life and career, moderately tolerated. I spoke to very few people before his death who liked his movies, some didn’t even know he was. I saw more parodies ridiculing Robin Williams’ work than Robin Williams movies. And suddenly, he commits suicide. The world was shocked. It was and IS terribly sad, that a great man lost a battle he hhad been fighting so long. But suddenly the world loved him. Suddenly Robin Williams was everywhere and there wasn’t a person alive who didn’t LOVE every single one of his movies.

We celebrated his life, and said ‘the poor man!’ And only cared because he committed suicide. A girl with depression, yearning for others to notice them every second of their life, someone to see them and their pain sees this and sees the reaction the world gave to Robin Williams suicide and does the same thing, she overdosed, leaving a note with only a Robin Williams quote, and the words “Maybe they will notice me.” 

Do not celebrate suicide. The world didn’tgive a shit before hand. And only cared when it was too late. For many people suffering with depression, this will be the case. Reach out to somebody in your life and let them know you care. Love. Cherish. Because that CAN really be all the difference. Don’t wait too late to appreciate.


Dave Sherring


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